Bavaria in Bloom


Branches heavy with lilac pour over fences, little white blossoming trees dot the edge of the forest, and every imaginable shade of green covers the rolling hills. The trees in Bavaria in the spring are stunning. This is also the season of bright yellow fields of rape flower (from whose seed canola oil is made) and of fleecy lambs grazing in the valleys.


Being forced to stay home so much in the past couple of months has also forced me to more deeply appreciate the “common” things around me… Though, in Texas, I would never have called any of these things common. Last weekend, we biked to a nearby dairy, and today I foraged for blossoms in the forest. How very common.


The truth is– Tex and I often talk of how much we will miss these outings, the traditions, and this scenery when we do move back. We are very thankful for the opportunities we have while we are here. May we and you make the most of where the Lord has us today. Even in the common moments and places, may we be able to see the beauty which is the handiwork of our good and perfect God.

A Bavarian Fall

This post is something I have been wanting to write for the past month or so. The beauty of southern Germany in the fall time is one of the most glorious things I have seen. Every time I drive down a country road or even step outside into the crisp morning air, I find myself sighing with content.


Here are some things that have struck me:

>> The trees arrayed in every shade of yellow, orange, red, brown, and green. Yesterday, Tex and I had made a little drive out of town, and… well, imagine driving down a fiery corridor. That is the only way I know to describe it. Blazing orange leaves adorn the lofty walls of trees on either side. Breath-taking.

A picture cannot do it justice!
>> The eerie mornings of dense fog. For a dust-loving, dry-air Texas girl, this has been more of an adjustment. But truly, it is reminiscent of some story from Hans Christian Andersen’s or the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. There is something magical about the fog shrouding each bend in the path and the tops of the trees.


>> Snow in October?! This one came as a huge surprise. We woke up one morning and looked out our window to see rooftops covered in snow! I had been curious what the German landscape would look like all blanketed in white. It is beautiful. And now I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for several long months of it. On a slightly different note, the sun over here is setting at approximately 16:51 for those of us on Army time. The coming winter days are going to be short and snowy!


I often find myself singing the words: “May I never lose the wonder, O the wonder, of Your mercy,” but sometimes substituting other words in for mercy. The wonder of His creation. The wonder of His glory. The wonder of His goodness. May we never lose the wonder.

Completely unrelated to Bavaria, but very much in the same vein as fall, I have been trying out some new seasonal recipes. Namely, this German apple pie with blackberries added. And our new favorite: Thai butternut squash curry! I’ve already made it twice this fall, and am craving it again. It’s surprisingly easy, especially if you’re a pro at cutting squash. Just wanted to share in case anyone is looking for new ideas to try.